Where is our origin?

  • 1900


    The company originated at the end of the 19thcentury, in the grain mill of the grandfather of our founder, Remi Braet, in  Desselgem.

  • 1955


    The foundation of the company, with which everything started, is actually its close location near the Golden River  (de Leie)  where many a custard had his harvest rotted.

    Flaxseed comes from flax and so, around the 1950s – 1960s, there was a very active trade in flaxseed from all these flax companies that had settled around the Golden River. Our founder, Remi Braet, saw a lot of potential in this and became founder in 1955.

    From the 1970s onwards, the water rocks of flax in de leie decreased dramatically and the dew rot made its appearance with all the major risks associated with it. Because the quality of the flaxseed could vary enormously every year and therefore also the yield, they started the import of flaxseed which came mainly from Canada. This flaxseed was sufficiently in stock and the quality met the requirements. As a matter of  this, flaxseed was not only traded for animal feed and mills but also for human consumption. This is due to discovering the  very healthy properties of this product


  • 1973

    Wereldwijde handel

    In 1973, the company in Desselgem moved to its current location in Ooigem where it continues to  grow and trade in flaxseed worldwide.

  • 1983

    Import & Export

    In 1983, an expansion brought the total silo capacity up to 30,000 mto. The activities of the company include both import and export of seeds, pulses, raw materials for animal feed as well as sowing seed.


  • 1994


    In 1994 an oil mill was built in Ooigem where only linseed is pressed into linseed oil and linseed flakes.  In the meantime, the company continues to grow and establish itself further in the market of linseed and raw materials.

  • 1999

    Opslag expansie

    Between 1999  and 2002, five new silos were built that increased storage capacity to 100,000 mto.


  • 2007

    Expansie lijnolie opslag

    In 2007, the storage capacity for linseed oil was increased to 5,000m³.

  • 2011

    Continue moderiseringsproces

    The cleaning plant was completely renewed in 2011 and doubled in production, in 2014 it was expanded again to its current capacity. The quality of the cleaned linseed also continues to increase through annual investments and renewal of parts from our installations.

    Meanwhile, two sons of Remi Braet: Antoon Braet and Christiaan Braet continue their father’s legacy.